Lent Day 27 – Why Your Body Matters for Prayer

by Fr. Robert Barron

Christian prayer is embodied prayer. In C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters we discovered an experienced devil giving lessons to a young temptor. At one point, the veteran orders his young charge to encourage his ‘client,’ a budding Christian, to envision prayer as something very ‘interior’ and ‘mystical,’ having little to do with posture or the position of the body. He wants the poor Christian to think that whether he stands, slouches, sits, or kneels is irrelevant to the quality of his communication with God. This, of course, is the Cartesian voice, the belief that our bodies and souls are independent and have little to do with each other.

But then consider the view of William James. In his Principles of Psychology, James writes that it is not so much sadness that makes us cry as crying that makes us feel sad. The body in a significant sense precedes the mind.

The same dynamic occurs when we pray. It is not so much keen feelings of devotion that force us to our knees as kneeling that gives rise to keen feelings of devotion.

If you’re having difficulty in prayer today, try kneeling, or bowing, or making some sort of reverent gesture. The body often leads the mind into a deeper spiritual space.

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  • syls.young

    Focusing the mind is difficult in the turmoil of today’s world,so helping by reverential gestures seems like a very good aid.

  • Cheryl Rushman

    My husband and I enjoy the Word on Fire videos. We love to share with others. Its a great evangelical opportunity.

  • Claire

    As taught from various theological courses, we all realize and believe that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit..thus I would strongly agree that our body – posture, disposition and entire being… is so necessary to focus on prayer.

    I would consider my self as a convert also to Catholic religion and honestly at the beginning I really had a hard time adapting to the many ways of prayers…but by God’s grace…and with the guidance of holy spiritual directors…I see how I improved…the vocal prayer seems to be the breath I take. Sometimes I feel that I just need a little space to complete my prayer without the need of any printed materials…then growing further…the prayer of silence…where I basically allow my soul to listen and receive God.

    From all of those times until today, I can prove how my body could help or hinder me from entering into PRAYER.

    • Mel

      Wonderful Claire – going with the Holy Spirit is just fantastic, like right now I am hurting so much with pain in my body that I am standing and typing this and asking our Lord for the right wisdom to write. God Bless

      • Stephanie B

        I will pray for you Mel. God bless!

      • Barbara Ann Baugh

        Mel at times in my life I have gone throught pain (this is one of them) I have always chosen pain management over medicines for pain relief. I found a way to incorporate prayer into my pain management exercises. One of these is “body awareness” The tape I have says for instance “be aware of your forehead” It that point you acknowlege your pain in that part of your body. During that part, I would say out loud “Thank-you God for my forehead. I also find listening (and singing along) to hymns very healing. John Michael Talbot hymns are the best ever

      • alyce arends

        Mel, I hope you are feeling better. I will pray for you and with you. We takeeee so for granted, the gift of health. It is a gift, too. Pain whether of body or mind ,is also a gift. If we accept the pain as a sign of His love, we can become so more tolerant of others’ pain. We can become more empathetic in relating to theior needs and can even lose our pain relating to theirs. That you do well, Mel. God must love you very much.

      • Claire

        I remember stories of some mystics that the more they draw closer to God the more trials they got….and some would actually have physical illness…like Therese of Lisieux…but even death did not stop them from praying.

        May all the saints intercedes for us…

  • Denise

    I would love to share this CD collection with our prayer group

  • joe zurlo

    Outstanding – thank you Fr Barron. Every one of your published thoughts is a miraculous filling of a major human need. I don’t know how you continue the pace. Obviously it’s divinely inspired. Thanks again. May God give you 100 years of life in service to Him, and us..

    • Jschauf

      I love Fr. Barron’s reflections and, to date, have agreed with anything I’ve seen of his material. Today’s meditation has me in a bit of a quandary. I totally agree with the mind body connection but not, so much, the analogy. When I’m deeply involved in prayers of contrition, or thankfulness, lament, etc. I find myself on my knees even slumped over. Any other position just seems to disconnect me from being fully engaged. If I’m meditating my connection seems to be better if I’m seated or relaxed. Area of question is “crying making me sad ” or position forcing the attitude. Not looking for an argument here just thoughts. For me, crying is not something I’m capable of without something very emotional touching me. If I make my body express something I don’t feel, I feel phony, like I’m lying. I can see an actor being better able to express the character their portraying in costume. Anyway, I’m probably nitpicking here just wondered what others thought.

  • Holly Stone

    I work with the RCIA team at the Basilica in Baltimore…America’s First Cathedral. We have viewed several of the Word on Fire Series as teaching tools during the Candidate’s journey into Our beautiful Faith. What a blessing it would be to be able to share this new video with the Class, especially leading up to the Easter Vigil!

  • LansingECJ

    The Nine Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic presume a connection between the body and the soul, devotion and prayer. Each of the ways speaks to the importance of what is called “vocal” prayer. Such prayer goes beyond words that are said out loud. Bodily though it is, such prayer reaches for that true and total spiritual worship advocated by St. Paul in Romans 12:1-2. It takes up gestures of the body which move the soul with devotion so that the grace filled and Holy Spirit imbued soul might move the body in true worship to make Christ-like sacrifices of love:

    - The bowing of one’s head and heart with humility at the beginning of prayer before the crucifix, at the altar, in the Name of the Trinity;
    - The throwing down and prostrating of one’s whole body with tears of compunction for the sins of others when one can find no more tears for his own;
    - The welcoming of all the physical difficulties and the patience endurance of all kinds of bodily discomforts during prayer as part of prayer itself, as a way of offering one’s body to God in praise;
    - The fixating of one’s gaze on Christ crucified while kneeling and standing with bold petitions filled with confidence in the indescribable goodness of God and sober acceptance of one’s own weakness;
    - The raising of one’s hands to heaven with eyes wide open in the ancient orans of the first Christians;
    - The stretching out of one’s arms cruciform with a cry for help in heartbreaking situations;
    - The standing strong with hands folded in prayer like an arrow shot into the heart of God;
    - The sitting in holy reading and contemplation – that ancient practice of lectio divina; and
    - The frequent quest for solitude in which one resists fantasies and evil thoughts like flies and prepares for spiritual battle against diabolical malice by the sign of the Cross.

    • Elizabeth

      Eight of the nine bodily postures I willingly do. I have patience but patience endurance of all kinds of bodily discomfort distracts me and I lose my concentration in prayer.

      • LansingECJ

        Your response sounds like a healthy one to me because bodily postures are meant to help us pray.

    • Jan England

      Beautiful – thank you for sharing this – I had not heard of or seen this before.

    • Lee

      Being “on one’s face” before the Lord is one posture I find very humbling – it definitely deepen my prayer and my mind and spirit do not fight.

      • LansingECJ

        It is also one of my favorite ways of prayer especially when I have some of the more profound and moving experiences of the Lord.

    • Richard Severson

      I had not heard of the Nine Ways of Prayer of Saint Dominic before. However, I do use most of them for my prayer times. Prostrating myself before the Exposed Holy Eucharist helps heal the sadness in my heart for my sins against our Lord, Jesus Christ.

      • LansingECJ

        It is one of my favorite ways of praying especially before the blessed sacrament.

    • Pat Howai

      Thank you for sharing. I never heard of this before.

      • Mel

        Me too dear Pat, it is very interesting and I would not know where to start so hence I am going to stay away from it all in case I do it all wrong. God Bless x

      • LansingECJ

        These discussions are wonderful ways of learning new and helpful ways of praying.

    • alyce arends

      I think I like these 9 ways of prayer best. I too have heard the negative side of yoga. Rather than cause any negative. There are so mnay exercises out the which do the same thing and have the same effect. I do not believe in mediums either….I personally live in a a world of positives and doing what is right with God and for God. No hindu gods for this girl….just the real McCoy. A very stimulating topic todasy.

      • LansingECJ

        It sounds like you know who you are and how to best pray to the Lord

        • alyce arends

          Thank you for posting the 9 ways. I didn’t know of them before. Many were familiar as those are ways I pray. I hope I didn’t appear flippant. There are so many ways to pray, but I truly want it to be direct with Him or Mary or the Saints. Truly your post was very humbly taken. God bless

          • LansingECJ

            I did not experience you as flippant. I thought that you are a person immersed in the ways of Christ.

  • Kim S

    I would love to facilitate a small faith group sharing at my church-using this study program.

  • Joan Spalding

    Kneeling hurts my back. I often wonder if I need to try to meditate through the distraction of the pain. It isn’t excruciating pain, but it is really sore by the end of a rosary and is distracting my meditation. Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you.

    • Myreya Meyers

      Check to see that you are ergonomically lined up. Hips above your knees. Determine whether you are clenching your buttocks muscles and if so, soften there. Lift up through the crown of your head, making your spine long. It requires significant strength to do this for a long period of time, so give yourself a break and reset until you can maintain the pose throughout the rosary without pain. (Never force yourself to stay in pain.) You could also benefit from stretching exercises before beginning:)

      • Joan Spalding

        thank you!

  • Joseph Nelson

    I love hearing Fr. Barron’s insights!

  • Becky

    You have such a gift in the way you teach us about our faith in today’s world any one would be blessed to be able to share that with others. I would put it good use in my weekly prayer group and monthly group. And would surely pass it throughout my family members.

  • Mary

    Thank you, Fr. Barron, for your approachable reflections each day. God bless you!

  • Jennifer Anderson

    Thank you for your wonderful insights to a good prayer life. I’m
    always looking for ways to calm my “busy” thoughts when I pray. And thank you, Fr Barron, for all that you do for us. God Bless!

  • Marco Paredes

    Thank you for the great Lenten reflections Fr. Baron. God bless.

  • Luke S

    This is beautiful. I will be sharing this with my students.

  • Jason Roebuck

    Another great reflection that reminds me of why my prayer is not always as effective as it could be, because I often forget the connection of the body to prayer and just repeat the words. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when he admonished his disciples to not babble like the pagans in prayer. It was less about the words being effective and more about the connection of the body to an effective form of prayer. Without the connection of your body to the prayer, the words just become a tool of the devil to form you into another soul void of any meaning that stems from our inability to connect our spirit to our body. Thanks again Padre!

  • Rosemaid

    Fr. Barron I shared your 4th Sunday of Lent Homily with a few (5) “early birds” at the weekend retreat I was attending. The consensus was 5 stars. <

  • allison

    I’d love a copy of the cd and study because it’s Fr. Barron!

  • rtclovesmac

    Lent is about deepening our relationship with the Blessed Trinity. Like Elizabeth, I find that when I feel uncomfortable, I become distracted. But then reading today’s reflection such distractions may be my soul trying to align my heart, mind and body in communion with God. I like to walk or run and pray, And at times before the Blessed Sacrament, being prostrated before our Lord seems to help me focus on listening and seems to bring me a since of oneness that I do not feel at other times. What does it mean when during your prayer, you fall to sleep? To rest in the Lord, also brings me peace, then a since of guilt because I slept…maybe like His friends who could not stay awake with Him in the Garden before his Passion.
    In the end, I pray that no matter how I pray, that my prayers are sincere and that they deepen my relationship with the Lord.

  • joan

    i’m thinking in a further sense that this unites well with fasting?

  • Paula Foster

    I would like to win the CD set just to learn more about the Tre Ore.
    I can see in many ways how body posture gives way to making us feel a certain way. Especially the kneeling. I am so very thankful for these daily emails in my walk through this lent.

  • Carrie Taber

    I loved your “Catholicism” dvd series and have enjoyed the daily Lenten reflections very much. Thank you.

  • Myreya Meyers

    Fr. Barron shed light on why Holy Yoga has become such a powerful modern Christian discipline. Much like fasting, which involves the body, mind and spirit, moving through yoga postures as you focus on the breath of life and the Word, brings all three aspects of our humanity into alignment before God. The best part is the end when the body is sufficiently exhausted/ rid of tension and you lie down to meditate on his Word and listen to Him through the stillness and quiet.

    • 4kidsandacat

      I hope this method doesn’t use the same postures as Hindu yoga. See me post on this.

      • Myreya Meyers

        Yoga uses all kinds of bodily postures, including those of St. Dominic 9 listed above. It is the intention of the practitioner that makes all the difference. In Holy Yoga, the purpose is to connect with Christ and that is God-honoring. Just as many people eat bread and wine all throughout the world and even as part of religious practice, (Passover), it doesn’t mean they are partaking in the Eucharist. Indeed, even within our Christian family there are those who don’t even believe in transubstantiation, but still take bread and wine in church. God looks at the heart! 1 Samuel 16: 7.

      • Janice K

        I agree with you. It’s origins are middle eastern and there is a saying. You give the devil a crack and he will make it a door. It is new age. I heard a speaker say what better way to destroy the Catholic church then to sneak in the new age. This comes from the Vatican it is a document called “Jesus Christ, Bearer of the Water of Life”

      • Elizabeth

        Religions borrow from different religions and incorporate into their belief. The first time I heard of the visual, the butterfly it was at a Catholic retreat and the Catholic priest mentioned the butterfly use in the Hindu religion. Roman Catholics use the butterfly to think of the Resurrection of Christ. At our church we have a butterfly Sunday for those young children prior to their First Holy Communion. These children and families place various items on their butterfly that are remembrances of why they are going to make their First Holy Communion.

        • Myreya Meyers

          Yes. I just attended a luncheon about the origins of the Easter basket blessing on Saturdays at church and learned of ancient egg coloring practices that pre-dated Christ and were associated with a fertility goddess. It’s the intention that makes all the difference with these adaptations such as the Christmas Tree, Easter eggs, the butterfly and yoga. That being said, Christians should be alert to anything that would hinder their faith or could cause themselves or someone else to stumble. But that is also life, as we are not to conform to the patterns of this world- but renew our minds so we can discern God’s will. (paraphrase of Romans 12:2)

          • Elizabeth

            Well said. I will keep Romans 12:2 as one of my favorite quotes from the Bible. Thank you

  • Joyce

    Thank you Fr. Barron for your inspiring words each day of Lent. You encourage me to re-examine the way I think and act!

  • Ann Basile

    Ahhh, how appropriate is this morning’s reflection! I obviously didn’t get enough sleep last night because I’ve fallen back asleep several times in my comfy chair as I’ve tried to respond. Down on my knees I went … I’ll catch a nap later today. The mind-body connection is real. I wouldn’t have even thought about it, but consider this: I used to genuflect by sorta dipping a knee down a few inches and just swiping my hand to make the sign of the cross, maybe even thinking about …. well, who knows what. But awhile back, I changed. Now it’s the knee fully down on the floor and an intentional sign of the cross, and I’m fully aware that I have come to worship my Savior in His House.

    • Isabel


    • Nataline Maluchnik

      So true. I, too, have changed how I genuflect & find it makes a difference within.

  • Barb Patterson

    I was very much impacted by the screw tape letters. When I am doing some of the things that the senior demon is encouraging (focusing on myself too much, letting myself get distracted in church by wrong behavior, etc) I am reminded that these things are not from God and therefor not for my good.

    • 4kidsandacat

      Barb I often reflect on this book myself, and on these same things.

    • Richard Severson

      The Screw Tape Letters was a good read for me also, giving me some insight as to how the devil works on me. He seems to get to me every time I am at Mass, unless it is the Traditional Latin Mass, using my discuss of peoples disrespectful behavior towards our Lord.

  • Denise

    I find the longing, loving and gratitude for God so comforting that it does not feel as if I am doing it for Him. Nothing yet feels very selfless. Perhaps I am doing it wrong?

  • Heather O’Herin Connors

    Fr.Barron, 4 yrs ago, I became the Religion teacher for 6th-8th graders in a Catholic school and have shared many of your videos, thoughts from your blogs, and misc. postings that you have shared with the world. I share with the children the ways I experience the work of the Holy Spirit in my life and through the stories of others, especially the lives of the Saints.just 2 days ago I was shopping at our Catholic Supply store to buy crucifixes for my 7th graders who just presented a beautiful Stations service, and I saw this video on the counter, but had to pass on it for lack of funds. Imagine my joy when I found this opportunity to win it! Your ministry has been an incredible blessing in my life over the years and I thank God for the opportunity to share your teachings with all the young people in my life.

  • David Hallowell

    Wonderful Lenten application of Lewis, nicely articulated! Enjoying the Tre Ore reflections would be icing on the cake.

  • 4kidsandacat

    This is really interesting. A few months back I was listening to the Sonrise Morning Show on EWTN and heard a guest talking about the dangers of yoga. This had me intrigued, as I have a number of friends who are Catholic or other Christian denominations and practice yoga (one is an instructor), and indeed I have done yoga stretches as part of an exercise routine myself. It was explained that yoga positions are meant to represent Hindu gods and are actually a way of worshiping them. I have not done yoga since. This dovetails right in with that idea that what we do with our bodies has an influence on our mental attitudes. Thanks for the reinforcement!

    • Myreya Meyers

      Currently there exists all kinds of yoga throughout the world. In the west, we have divorced ourselves from any Hindu attachment and it is mainly a physical practice, like working out at the gym. No Christian would ever practice yoga and think of Hindu gods and there is no way that a movement alone invokes those gods. Holy Yoga is a spiritually safe practice because the intention is to connect with Christ and honor God with body, mind and spirit. A bible verse or two is always presented in every Holy Yoga class as well as prayer in the name of Jesus. Often times, Christian music is played, further assisting the practioner to continually come back to focusing on our one True God.

      • Elizabeth

        I do not agree with Myreya Meyers that in the west there are no Hindu related yoga programs.
        A friend invited me to the kind of yoga that was expressed in the EWTN program. Afterward I explained to her why I would not keep on going. My purpose of going with her had to do with her searching since she went to all public schools and never had the opportunity to expand her knowledge of her Roman Catholic faith. She eventually had cancer and at one point her cancer diminished. When her cancer returned and she had found her place of meditating, she brought me to a Christian meditation center. We would rest on blankets, hear relaxation music and hear God’s word in a wonderful setting. So I thank my God for using me to help a dear friend meet her God in peace she found in the faith of her forefathers

        • Myreya Meyers

          There are Hindu related programs here- very few in comparison to the more physical American style, but Christians should certainly not attend them! I should have said “by and large.” That is part of the reason Holy Yoga was created; so that Christians could practice yoga safely without worrying about the beliefs they may hear from their instructor.

          • Elizabeth

            My post was to alert those to check out whatever yoga they are intending to participate in. thank you for clarifying.

      • Mel

        Is that right, very interesting. I got to study more on what you said. Thanks Myreya all the same. God Bless

    • Elizabeth

      Haitha Yoga is a muscle relaxing Yoga. At a Lutheran College I learned Haitha Yoga as a prerequisite for required physical education. It amazed me that I had the same academic work load as the previous semester. However I had more stamina after doing a 1/2 hour Haitha Yoga every morning 5 days a week.
      Portions of this type of yoga are in other programs. Birth preparation Lamaze uses deep breathing for relaxing muscles. At a Neuman Group meeting we did extreme whole body deep breathing in order to meditate with a whole body relaxed in order to be opened to our God.

      • Teddy Behr

        Hatha Yoga is what I used to use for my back. It is a wonderful way to stretch and I also learned that breathing properly can be a tremendous energy booster.

        • Elizabeth

          Deep breathing is also helpful for those who have asthma. It expands the lungs.

    • http://catholicview.wordpress.com Disciple96

      You’re right to stop the yoga. I did too, years ago. I used to be a Buddhist before converting to Catholicism. Threw away my new age, astrology, yoga, etc. books. One must choose one’s path (or answer the call to one’s path) and follow it with one’s whole body, soul, heart, and mind. One path alone. I chose Christ. I left yoga of any kind behind. Don’t listen to those who claim that yoga can be practiced by Christians. I know it cannot. (There is info on the Women of Grace site about this.) God bless you!

      • marlar

        very interesting that yoga is not right for christian. not even for strectches? I’m from Burma and I love to hear your story. I’m been praying for my friends but no one come to Christ yet. ples tell me why I shouldn’t do yoga.
        your sister in Christ

        • Teddy Behr

          It depends on how you are using the yoga practice. Using it strictly for stretching or also using it as a philosophy and way of life? Be careful, ideas can be compelling.

          • marlar

            thank you. I can’t see yoga as way of life. I have back pain and scitica so I just want to ease my body pain. again thank you I understand what you talking about now

          • http://catholicview.wordpress.com Disciple96

            No, it does nit matter how one attempts to use it because it is still what it is. The asanas are what they are and no amount of pretending otherwise changes that. Yoga is not mere exercise, even if one is unaware of this other side of yoga, it does not disappear. That is the problem. Christians donwell to learn about what they are doing and to listen to what the Church teaches. The Women of Grace website is fikled with info on things like yoga, eastern religion & meditation techiniques, and new age stuff. Plenty of info there. I invite anyone interested to go have a look. God bless you. Peace be with you.

      • Mel

        Wow this is getting more interesting. Thanks for sharing – GOD BLESS

    • vsm

      Yes, 4kidsandacat — anyone even remotely thinking about using yoga should take a look at Johnette Benkovic’s and Sue Brinkmann’s work on this (at womenofgrace.com and on EWTN’s Women of Grace program). They explain, carefully and clearly, why the practice of yoga cannot be stripped of its Hindu essence, and how other forms of stretching/relaxation/strengthening exercises are effective physically and mentally while posing none of yoga’s spiritual risks.

    • Teddy Behr

      I used to do yoga stretches, they were very helpful for my low back. But I did not buy into the eastern philosopy of it. I kept it strictly an “exercise” for my back.

      • ladybri

        If you attach yoga to exercise, it’s not good. You can do stretching and deep breathing without adopting Hindu positions and calling them “exercise”. You’re calling something that is one thing – postures that worship Hindu gods – as something it is not, “exercise”. It’s like calling a banana an orange to serve one’s purposes when it’s still a banana. And it’s dangerous. Look on the Women of Grace website and watch the videos with an expert on yoga she had on the week before last. I agree with Disciple 96.

        • Teddy Behr

          Like I said, I did not use it to “worship Hindu gods”. It’s NOT dangerous if you use it strictly for exercise and stretching. It is, in fact, VERY beneficial. It’s not dangerous if you know what you are doing. I disagree with you. God Bless.

          • ladybri

            God bless to you too. According to the article, body postures do make a difference, just pointing that out. womenofgrace.com

          • Teddy Behr

            Point taken, but sometimes if we follow exactly another’s opinion, we lose out in our own discernment and the prompting of the Holy Spirit for our lives. Thanks!

          • ladybri

            Right, which is why the Holy Spirit convicted me about this long before this article.

          • http://catholicview.wordpress.com Disciple96

            Like saying, “I only drink mercury for its health benefits, not as a poison.” Just doesn’t work that way. You’re free to do as you decide, of course. But there is no way to use asanas for anything other than what they actually are. They function the way they function because of what they are, not what we pretend they are or imagine they are, but what they actually are. The reality is what it is and that’s that. Peace be with you.

    • mickjen80

      Directly from the Compendium:

      170. What is the bond that exists between the Catholic Church and non-Christian religions?


      There is a bond between all peoples which comes especially from the common origin and end of the entire human race. The Catholic Church recognizes that whatever is good or true in other religions comes from God and is a reflection of his truth. As such it can prepare for the acceptance of the Gospel and act as a stimulus toward the unity of humanity in the Church of Christ.

      • http://catholicview.wordpress.com Disciple96

        Certainly there is a bond. But the Church has also spoken out against the mixing of religions, techniques, etc. See this document: Jesus Christ, Bearere of the Water of Life, Pontifical Council for Culture & Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.
        And this at Women of Grace:
        There are many more articles and documents out there. This is just a sample. God bless you and keep you. Peace be with you.

  • 4got2duck

    The last words of Christ became so much more meaningful to me once I came to understand exactly how one dies when crucified. I spent so many years not really knowing exactly how death occurred on the cross. Coming to understand that it is through suffocation makes his words so much more powerful to me. His words were more powerful and meaningful then any breath He could take. Understanding that, deepened my faith and understanding of His death for all of us.

  • Paul E. Doyle

    I just listened to Father Barron’s Homily for Sunday, March 30, 2014 and it inspired me, as always, when I listen to him. I thank God for Father Barron’s unique approach and ability to explain the Gospels so vividly, as it applies to our lives.

  • Joseph

    As a daily listener to Father Barron’s sermons and great fan of the Catholicism series , I’m looking forward to watching and learning from the Tre Ore documentary as well . Father Barron’s teaching bring all much closer to our faith through his vast knowledge and insights . Thank you Father , you are tremendous help to us all . May God Bless you always .

  • CSmith

    Another good challenge for Lent. There is no reason why I shouldn’t kneel during private prayers and plenty of reason to do so.

    • Pat Howai

      The same for me too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Aaron

    I would want to win the Tre Ore set because Christ’s words on the cross are very powerful! They have inspired such people as Mother Teresa of Calcutta to care for the poor and those in need. They have inspired others to forgive those who hurt or injure them. The words even lead to a greater devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, by us being her children and her our mother. I love Fr. Barron’s products and this gift would truly be one to cherish and help my (and my family’s) spiritual life.

  • Dana Shade

    Love your daily thoughts Fr Barron! They are such a blessing! And thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway!!

  • Yaa Koranteng

    Thank you Fr. Barron for the messages during this Lenten season.

  • Yaa Koranteng

    I will use this CD for our small prayer group here in Arlington, Texas.

  • Sister Mary

    Love these posts, & would also enjoy the Tre Ore CD set

  • mtt

    Nice reminder! Sometimes we can get into bad habits… like not dressing properly, sloppy genuflections, sign of the cross made like we are “swatting flies”…. Thanks, Father.

  • Sandy

    The crucifixion is lynchpin of our faith. I would very much like to learn more this through Tre Ore.

  • Beth Ann Manahan

    I LOVE the Catholic Church!!!!! Everything is important! Nothing is irrelevant!

  • T Krempski

    I never thought of it before but it is true. I think kneeling makes me feel more prayerful. Of course we aren’t akwsys where we can kneel or bow but it is a good thing to have in your mind. Everyday I look learn something new from these. Thank you Fr.

  • ichthusthree

    What a blessing this would be! I would like to share this with my Bible study and prayer groups. Thank you for all you do for the Lord & His people! God bless you ministry abundantly!

  • Maria

    Thank you for the great inspiration to improve prayer practices. I am also reminded of the the connection between the love and mercy of Christ as expressed in his bodily sacrifice for our salvation…

  • James-Brenna LeBert

    Another good challenge for Lent.

  • Dee

    As an Adult Bible Study Coordinator, I would very much like to win a meaningful Study for the Adult Catholics who are studying God’s Holy Word. Regarding the comments on Yogo or New Age vs. Christian Prayer, my experience is that I receive far more enlightenment in prayerful communion with God than in doing yoga and deep breathing meditation. For me it is the heart, mind, and body “in concert” that moves toward God and is drawn by God.

  • Bernice Nordhus

    As I thought on the reflection today it’s my personal opinion that God is more interested in the position of our heart than of our body. But in public service, such as Mass or church services we definitely need to give God the honor due Him especially when we receive Him in Holy Communion. All our actions should reflect the adoration and love of God that He deserves as our creator.. It should show in our posture and in our faces when we are conversing with God in prayer,

  • Sandra Traw

    I belong to a very small parish. In fact our priest serves 4 different churches. We are always looking for any educational material we can. Most things are “out of our budget”. I thought this would be a nice fellowship study and could be used by all 4 churches Father pastors
    I guess I did not understand the directions.well…I thought we were to write why we wanted the series of tapes.
    I have found that not only is position helpful to me but what I am gazing on as well…be it a cross an icon or a statue .so that not only is my body engaged but my sight as well.

  • Bernice Nordhus

    A reminder—-All the pictures I see of the Annunciation , Mary is on her knees on her kneeler when the Angel Gabriel gives his announcement to her.

  • wendy

    thankyou Father, for your devotion. This is my first one and already I know I am going to enjoy how they draw me closer to God

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    Beautiful and practical lent reflexions, definitely an everyday inspiration and learning! Thanks!

  • Martina Branagan

    Father Barron, firstly, thank you for enriching my Lenten experience by leading us in mind, body and soul this year. You’re so right about the body leading us in to a deeper spiritual state – I remarked on it at mass this morning as I kept focused on my knees and also prayed for the people who had asked for prayers, especially for a friend’s mother who died the night before last – may she rest in peace at God’s right hand.

    It would be great for our ladies group, H.O.P.E. to listen to this CD set. We enjoyed “Catholicism” in community.

    Also, having read Franciscans International’s “The 7 Last Words of Jesus” http://franciscansinternational.org/fileadmin/docs/Appeals/fi_7lastwords_2012_engl_web.pdf and Dan Horan’s “The Last Words of Jesus”, it would be wonderful to hear your integrated approach on this very topic in order to decide whether to post it under Formation on our infant website http://www.franciscanvoicecanada.com (focus is Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation).

    God bless,

  • Fisher

    I really like this thread – it’s a new perspective on prayer I never really thought much about. Reflecting on it now, I have to say that I can see it both ways. It is not one way or the other, but that the body and soul work in tandem. Sometimes, prayer comes spontaneously when we are doing something, say hiking or even scrubbing a toilet (!), and one is compelled to stop and pay attention to posture. Sometimes, when I am not feeling very effective, or am distracted, I need to stand or kneel in order to discipline my thoughts for God.
    I also am reminded that I love seeing kneelers in the pews. I know some are very happy with the movement to do away with them in the more modern churches, but I think the pendulum is swinging back. Kneeling is an important devotion. Having said that, it is a personal heart condition. If one is physically unable, it is understandable they will not kneel. Others should be very respectful of one’s decision on this.

  • kayeloney@cox.net

    Our Church at Christ the King the floor are being repaired and renewed it is a beautiful old church. We are having church in the gym. It is my long standing Habit to say the Rosary before Mass starts, knelling in the pew. I have to say I miss knelling before the Lord, it inspires me to pray more deeply. I want to offer up prayer for all souls past, present and future. I love that Jesus hears our prays feels our pain and discomfort, knows our hearts. Loves us anyway with all our human faults.

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  • Cindy

    I have been richly blessed by Fr. Barron’s devotionals each morning. I realize the main point in this one is reverence, humility and preparedness for communion with God; however, I feel compelled to disagree on one portion of this particular devotion—sadness and crying. In regards to his statement “…consider the view of William James. In his Principles of Psychology, James writes that it is not so much sadness that makes us cry as crying that makes us feel sad. The body in a significant sense precedes the mind.” Pain elicits crying, whether it be emotional pain or physical pain. And crying is one of the healthiest ways to reduce stress. Science and experience tells us that crying releases “feel-good” chemicals. Crying is a GIFT from God. Whenever I see a child or someone crying, I know that their body is working to produce a healing balm. Some people are so numb, that they can’t cry, or perhaps they grew up being punished or ridiculed for crying. Many of the Psalms speak of “crying out to God”. My most “productive” prayers have been—yes—kneeling(being still) but, furthermore… “crying out to God”.

    • Mel

      I love crying out to God, in fact if I talk loudly I find it very soothing and I feel connected with God. God Bless

    • Nataline Maluchnik

      I agree. My deepest prayers are always accompanied by tears. When I am at my rawest, pouring out my pleas & pain to the Lord, when I have no shame & let down all walls, that is when I feel His Presence the most. It is when putting up barriers (acting like God doesn’t know me better than I know myself) I then distance myself.

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    Thank you for offering this and for your many insightful comments. Your Catholicism series helped in the conversion of my husband to Catholicism! May God bless you abundantly

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    I find I concentrate better while praying the rosary on my knees. Whenever I give my knees a rest and sit down, I tend to doze off and lose my focus. There is definitely something to be said for body posture influencing mind power.

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      Congratulations and we shall pray for you and for your husband. Jack and I pray for all in the group in TWITTER. God Bless

      • Marianne

        At opportune times, I bring up teachings of the Catholic faith to my husband in the hopes of getting him to join the church. Sometimes I think I may be getting through to him, and other times not. I pray to the Holy Spirit that he gives me the right words to use to bring my husband to God and others from my parish are praying for him also. Please pray that my husband will someday embrace the Catholic faith and I may see him enter the church at the Easter vigil. Congratulations, I know you will be beaming with happiness as your husband is baptized.

    • Claire

      Nice Tina. It is really very challenging to introduce someone very dear to us to our faith. My fiance was not a devout Catholic before but by God’s grace he is praying the rosary more than I do now. :)

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  • Julie M. Staab

    My goodness…there could be a whole topic on Catholics and yoga. :) This is one of those areas that I think you don’t have to throw out the baby with the bath water. I LOVE how Fr. Barron explains that we are a thinking religion. This is a very good example of that. Extract out the good, (stretching, breathing etc…) while leaving behind the questionable. We are smart people. :)

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  • Runner’s Brother

    This is something so obvious that I have been missing it – like when you’re looking for the milk in the fridge and you can’t see it sitting right there. I try to pray while I’m getting ready for work. Everything starts off grand and then I realize that I’m thinking about the type of toothpaste that I am using or something else far removed from my prayers. When I am kneeling or praying the Holy Rosary using my rosary, I am more focused.

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    I didn’t get to read yesterdays reflections til the evening. Was sad to hear some of them. We celebrated the dedication of our new church (much needed) yesterday, the Holy Spirit was truly alive and well. We are a small parish and it took a lot of prayers and working together for the planning and coming to full vision. What an awesome God we have. I pray for those who feel left out at times, take a step forward and get involved the others are hoping you will. God Bless ! Mavis

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  • Lisa

    So beautifully put.. and yet what a lesson to be reminded of often. It really is not a matter of feeling.. but one of choice.. Choice to Love..choice to give up our time and comfort to Our Lord. This is the call of true imitamacy with our Lord. I pray we all preservere today and everyday!

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    At a point in a troubled life, Father Barron’s Jesus-like solid secure kindness broke through, after I heard Father discuss The New Evangelization, I went back to confession and then attended Mass, after a long while being away. It was make or break for me at that point. So I owe him, maybe my life. And I am in deep gratitude to Father for how he helps little people like myself.

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    Always inspiring, Father Barron. Thank you.

  • MDB

    This is applicable to the posture before, when receiving, and after Communion. I have heard it said that the practice of standing as a group before and after communion was a misinterpretation that has since been clarified and corrected. For a while there it seemed like everyone was doing it but now it is seems much less common. And why wouldn’t we want to kneel to receive Communion on the tongue from consecrated hands? Can we be surprised that so many Catholics do not believe in the real presence when our own actions (posture) don’t reflect our beliefs?

  • Hugh Byrnes

    I suppose knelling in a sense could ‘prime the pump’, so to speak, and so conjure up thoughts of a religious nature from our posture. However I have experienced, too many times, the unbiden presence of spiritual thought to accept anything other than but the spirt leads. How often I’ve read of the saints with the awareness of a ‘spiritual presence falling to their knees. Sadness truley may be a cause for crying. But what of the crying for joy, the weeping that comes when one truley experiences God love?

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    I would love to bring this to our parish as we are viewing the Catholicism series starting on Easter Tuesday. We still use the series as part of our RCIA program. We posted the link to your daily Lenten Reflections which I find helpful to meditate on.

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    I look forward to your reflections for Lent everyday. Thank you for the reminder about posture during prayer. “The body often leads the mind into a deeper spiritual space.” There have been many impromptu private prayer times on my knees, in the kitchen while preparing dinner for my family. So thankful He meets you wherever you are!

  • Kathryn

    Regarding today’s reflection, it is is difficult to kneel in our church as it was built without kneelers and there is little room between pews to kneel down (and be able to get up again). Shouldn’t all Catholic churches offer kneelers for those who want to kneel to pray?

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    I love Fr. Barron’s resources!! I have completed the catholism series and it was amazing!!!

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    Deepest gratitude to you Fr. Barron for your thoughts and reflections. For me they are VERY meaningful as well as inspirational. I also want to add a comment to the discussion
    below related to yoga. Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, OSB Cam, Prior, shared these words at his
    installation as Prior last July 2013….. “Fr. Bede Griffiths was very fascinated in a concept
    he got from India called ‘sahaj samadhi’. Samadhi is the final stage of yoga, when one is,
    as I like to translate it, “absorbed” in some way into the divine, whatever that word means
    to you. And ‘sahaj’ means something like natural; so ‘sahaj samadhi’ means “natural
    contemplation” and the best example of it according to Fr. Bede was Jesus, who had gone beyond the categories of active and contemplative. Whether he was in the desert or in the marketplace teeming with lepers, priests, and prostitutes, he was a pure contemplative, as Bede wrote “always abiding with the Father as the source of his being, and always seeing what the Father does as the source of his action. He is in that state of transcendent awareness in which he is one with the Father, and at the same time perfectly natural and human”.
    For more information on Fr. Cyprian’s community, The Camaldolese, go to http://www.contemplation.com.

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    Thank you Father! Your reflections are making Lent much more meaningful. It is difficult to quantify or explain and I really don’t find the need to do either! I find myself being present more and more (true prayer???) with Jesus. These opportunities trigger a fundamental or foundational yearning which involves a lot of listening and “seeing” in many cases for the first time. I find myself moving toward Jesus instead of telling myself I should “do this or that” to change. Don’t get me wrong, there is “change”, but it is not something I’m convincing myself to do. It is more like just following by getting me out of the way.

    • Elizabeth

      I, too, am sensing the difference in my perception in what to do for the day. I make goals but instead of fretting I find myself being led. At the end of the day I have a sense of peace, because I know I was being directed to what God wants instead of what I thought was more important.

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    It is hard to continue appropriate formation when you’ve reached your “Golden Years”. It seems that your meditations and videos speak to me as I continue to discern God’s will for me after the passing of my husband, confidant, and best-friend. I pray for you daily. Please pray for me.

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    Sounds like this could also be a great argument to call for more reverence in the Holy Mass today.

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    Fr. Barron has a very easy approach to intense subject matter. This makes him so easy to understand and integrate his thoughts into something that is usable for lay Catholics. I appreciate everything I have heard and read from him. It is not difficult to wish to
    encounter more of the same with his newest project, Tre Ore.

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    I found myself kneeling by my bedside the other evening vs lying in bed when I began my evening prayers and when we had a nice evening I sat outside and looked upon the land thanking God for all this goodness. It was refreshing and I felt good inside. I forget that he is everywhere and that prayer is meant to happen even in the oddest of places. Elevators, bathrooms, grain elevators :) I find myself praying throughout the day the simplest of prayers.

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    Would enjoy studying Jesus’ seven last words

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    When I was taking physical therapy after surgery in 2011, I was given a series to do every day. The therapist knew I was Catholic. So she said “if you do all the movements at Mass you do not have to do any exercised. Since I have become handicapped I really miss doing the movements during mass. I do have a special place for prayer. It is a window where I can raise my eyes to the mountains and contemplate God. I always pray at sunrise when I can thank God for each new day

  • joan

    ‘The body in a significant sense precedes the mind’ Well, God did create us with bodies, a free will choice to listen to Him, and He offers us participation in the Divine Live. Where is the mind in that ‘Christ centered couple’ participating in creation of a new life? The real thing, Love, a manifestation of God. It would be the best of the Divine and the best of Human. …i suspect that’s all i will say on that.

  • Anthony

    Actors who have trouble getting in touch with the interior life of a character do the same thing. They will look to something physical or external as a way to trigger an internal response. Actors call this “working from the outside in.”

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    As a recent RCIA graduate, I continually seek to learn more about the teaching of Jesus, the Catholic instruction and formation. As I tell my friends, I just earned my wings!

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    Something very true. What you write also makes me wonder whether or not it is only just a Cartesian voice that says that. Maybe also a Gnostic voice too which tries to spiritualise everything and says that they body is innately bad too.

  • Mary Jane Madeline

    Another interesting reflection to ponder. Thank you Father Barron.
    I have vivid memories of one of my grandmothers, who upon arriving in Church, would not only kneel on one knee, but both knees, before entering the pew.
    I had no problem with kneeling up until the last year. After a knee arthrotomy, there are times when it is difficult to kneel and rise so I try to remember to kneel with my heart whenever I start to pray, usually sitting but kneeling as well.
    Also enjoyed St Dominic prayer info. So much to learn and practice. God bless all.

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    I just found out that our Parish will be having a miniretreat on May 10. They will be using Fr. Barron’s reflections on the “Eucharist”

    • Susan Rose

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    Dear Children of God,
    As a teacher, I have always sought insight through the life experiences of others, which in turn gives me a meryid of information and personnal defections of souls who have been and continue to be enlightenment to others.
    I am eternally grateful for what your journeys , in and thru Christ, Jesus has taught me. My knowledge of scripture has taught me allot, but being a daily witness to the teachings of Jesus, being carried out by so many souls in this troubled world, is a blessing I cannot explain.
    At graduation age 54), my theology advisor, a devote Catholic as well as one of my professors told me that in all the students he had over many years, there was no other one who could explain the scriptures in a way anyone could understand.
    For a moment
    , I had no response…! Then, being a person who likes to bring laughter to a conversation, said, ” Professor, I came here to learn how to do that, and you are saying that after 8 yrs of going to school at a cost of over $ 72,000 , I possed the the gift to do that before I started? I know the Lord wanted me to go back to school when I was 46, but He didn’t tell the other part”.
    He didn’t tell me for a reason. Teaching others from a text book was only part of it. Learning from the real lives of others, was the other part. Teaching has little effect, if the student does not use what they have learned. You all have used what you’ve learned in one way or another.carrying the Light of Christ to others, in a troubled world.
    The Holy Spirit is always teaching us thru others, so in my prayers, I ask the Lord to bless all of who have taught me so much.

    God Bless,
    The Prayer Warrior

  • Cheryl 166

    I am enjoying each reflection as I move through Lent and I have learned some things that have always puzzled me or were hard to explain to someone. Your keynote was outstanding in Anaheim; I was in the audience.

  • Will Searfoss

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    Father Baron is always so inspirational; and who does not need help with their spiritual life/prayer life….staying in touch with God?!!! Thanks for a chance to obtain such a great piece of inspiration. Will share with our adult ed class at Church.

  • Becky

    Why our body matter in prayer…
    Because Our Lord wants us to immerse our entire selves in prayer to unite with him.
    The 5 p’s
    Passage … Prayer
    Place yourself in your prayer place
    Find a comfortable position
    Prepare yourself to enter into union with God
    Read scripture passage, or a meditation
    Pray for Our Lord to guide you through the passage and relate it to your life. Enter the passage like you are there.
    Sometimes easier said than done!
    I have RLS and have a difficult time sitting still…. Be Still And Know That I Am God. Always comes to mind for me when I am having difficulty sitting still.
    But I have learned to join my suffering with Christ on the cross and unit myself to him in a deeper way.
    Sometimes it takes me prostrating myself on the floor in the adoration chapel in order to relax my body and unite myself to him.
    I pray often to be able to be still.
    God Bless You All

    • Michael Lee Cornwell

      Your commitment to your union with Our Lord, offering up your personnal trials and limitations, to the Sacred Heart that was pierced with a lance for our sake, reflects your deep love for Him. This is a beautiful gesture that we all can follow.
      Only when you die the Lord will show you many other soul in dazzeling garments, and tell you that all these souls received the grace for salvation because you offered all your sufferings up to My Sacred Heart.
      May that be part of our legacy, many times known only to God, our participation in Christ’s suffering.
      Likewise, we will know those who prayed for us thru lifes journey.

      God Bless, you,

      The Prayer Warrior

      • Becky

        Thank you for your response your words have inspired me so much. To know that my suffering united to His Sacred Heart brings the grace of salvation to souls.
        It means waist nothing! Offer it up for those who need our suffering to expirence Gods Love.
        God Bless You Micheal

  • gianna938

    Thank you Father Barron, I needed this one. So much I fight if it’s okay to pray while I am tucked in bed before I fall asleep and I always felt that to have a true conversation with God I need to give him my body in prayer as well. Praying the rosary when driving, I am just not fully there. This is such a lazy thing on my part. I gave into the temptations of the apprentice devil. Ugh. Thank you again.

  • G-Man Nicholl

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  • Joe

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