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2018 Lenten Gospel Reflections


Our forty day Lenten journey toward Easter is fundamentally an imitatio Christi–an imitation of Jesus’ time in the desert. It’s a time of simplicity, purification, and self-denial, of setting aside our distractions and diversions and getting back to basics: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

But this is also a season for confronting the desert of our own sin. Because God is the source of life, abandoning God forms a desert land around us. We tend to cover up our sins, make excuses for them, or dull our sensitivity to them. But during Lent, we intentionally venture into the desert, realizing the depths of our sin, and repenting, in order that we might find Christ’s path back to life.

With our eyes fixed on the coming glory of Easter, let us together enter into this desert time of self-denial, ready to break out of the cramped, barren space of self-absorption.

May God bless you!


Bishop Robert Barron

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